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I sit next to a popular sports boy in my math class and he was sleeping so i leaned over and doodled a flower on his paper and the first time he didn’t wake up but the second time he did & smiled at me and later in class i saw he had doodled a whole tiny meadow around the 2 flowers and he was trying to hide it but it didn’t work..i know ur secret popular sports boy, u are just as dorky & cute as everyone else


fashion photo 2014


b1nz source:tknoko


So Nintendo just released an official response/apology on Facebook to the problem of same-sex relationships not being included in the western Tomodachi Life games.

I can understand why they can’t attempt to change anything now, considering the game is slated to be released in less than a month away from now. The only way it would be possible to do so if they delayed the games launch, and it could probably take a while.

Patches are mostly used to correct small things in games when things go awry and would be useless in a situation like this. (Ex: The Luminose City Saving glitch in X/Y)

I just seriously like that Nintendo is actually paying attention to their consumers and what we want. Their promise to include same-sex relationships in future installments is enough for me. Because they tend to keep their word.

❝Go on, crumble. Cry.
You and Rome were marble-made,
but both needed time.❞

-you are an empire; start from the rubble and rise - haiku #7 (p.b.)



this is how you do foreshadowing



If the Scientist were here, he would have told Nameless that this was a window, and windows, unlike Gates, were not made for safe passage.

The Scientist was not here.